They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Yellow.  It’s a great color and one of my favorites.  It is also perfect for summer, and even better for a confidence boost.  Since I am still trying to shed some baby weight, I purchased a few items that I am very excited about it.  Nowadays, yellow can be found quite frequently in my closet, and today’s outfit is no exception.

Tara Jarmon is a brand I return to often.  The clothing is unique yet classic, often colorful, and well made.  It also fits me well, both pre- and post-baby.  Luckily there is a store in downtown Zurich, and it is there that I found the most perfect yellow skirt.

This skirt is incredible for so many reasons.  It is lightweight and bright, is comfortable and moves beautifully. Plus it washes like a dream!  I am still in awe that I can wash it at home rather than have it dry cleaned.  Being self-conscious about my post-baby figure, it also cinches in my waist right where I need it.  So rather than feeling like I’m being stuffed into a sausage casing, my curves are highlighted in an attractive and classy way.

Taking it a step further, I love to mix my colors.  I always found that orange and yellow mesh well together, and my orange purse was the perfect complement to this outfit.






What the Missus Wore:  Skirt by Tara Jarmon//Shoes from Anthropologie//Luggage Bag by Celine//Scarf from Maison Martin Morel//Shirt from H&M

More yellow to come soon!  Happy Summer!

Mommy Fashion in Bern

Mommy fashion – there is something to be said for taking the time to “dress up” each day.  Attempting to pull together a cute outfit while balancing our beautiful new daughter Matilda is a challenge.  However I am up for this challenge.  Given my love of fashion, when I feel successful in this endeavor, I wish to celebrate it.  🙂

But why is mommy fashion important?  Well for starters, being able to shower and get dressed each day while multitasking the needs of a new baby is impressive.  As new moms know, it’s hard enough to make time for blogging let alone showering or putting on makeup.

Additionally, my body is very different post-baby than it was pre-baby.  Sometimes I don’t feel so great about how I look.  My tummy is loose and jiggly, my hips are much wider, and I can’t find a bra that fits.  When I can pull together a great look, I feel good about myself and become less concerned about the aftermath of pregnancy.

So onto my recent outfit.  While my parents were visiting, we traveled to Milan and a variety of Swiss cities.  These trips presented multiple opportunities to try my hand at mommy fashion, and my Bern outfit was one of my favorites.  I love these photos even more because they include my darling Matilda.

What the Missus Wore:  Coat from Tara Jarmon (similar)//Seychelles Wake Booties//Maternity jeans from H&M//Scarf from ModCloth//3 Jours Bag from Fendi

I may need to start including Matilda’s outfits in my blog….what do you think?

A Baby Bump in Paris

For our very last baby-moon, Tony and I spent a weekend in Paris.  Paris is our city – we were married here, and do all we can to visit each year.  We took the train this time, as I am getting too large to fly, and it was incredibly smooth.  I am already planning my next visit once the baby is here.

We arrived at Gare de Lyon at 19:45, with the train stopping right in front of the restaurant we hosted our wedding dinner.  Le Train Bleu is reminiscent of Versailles and it was such a fun and instant reminder of our wedding 6 years prior.



After checking in to the amazing Hotel du Louvre, we walked 10 minutes to one of my favorite restaurants, Little Georgette.  I love it because they do traditional food in a small plate fashion.  Tiny risotto, tiny burger, all prepared well and priced very reasonably.

We were in bed by 23:00 that first night because, let’s be honest, I’m pregnant and always tired.  We awoke for a luxurious breakfast in the hotel’s Brasserie the following morning.  I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon resting while Tony walked about the city doing some shopping.

One of the reasons we planned a visit to Paris was to see my dear friend Sara and her new Parisian apartment.  She was hosting an American-style Thanksgiving with her local friends and Tony and I were invited to participate.  The only item on my agenda besides the Thanksgiving dinner was to take baby-bump pics by the Eiffel Tower, so we stopped at Trocadero on the way to Sara’s place.

Of all the bump pics I’ve taken so far, these are my favorite.  As large as I’ve grown in certain places, I felt beautiful and I am so in love with how the Eiffel Tower and my baby are showcased in the same image.  The Eiffel Tower is my ultimate icon.  When coupled with the fact that we were married in this city, the entire setting was exceptionally sentimental.

Paris Baby Bump

Paris Baby Bump

Paris Baby Bump

Paris Baby Bump

Paris Baby Bump

Paris Baby Bump

Paris Baby Bump

What the Missus/Mommy Wore:  Dress from H&M//Coat from H&M//Wake Booties from Seychelles//Galleria Bag from Prada//Creeper Ultra Matte by Colourpops

With the hundreds and hundreds of people milling around Trocadero, Tony did an incredible job with these shots!

The American Thanksgiving was also a huge success.  Sara made so many delicious items, and her pecan pie was one of the biggest hits of all.  We brought mashed sweet potatoes based on a recipe we found on Huffington Post.  It was so nice to eat American comfort food in the company of people from all over the world.


We finished our trip with a succulent brunch at Hardware Societe in Montmartre. It’s right across the street from Sacre Coeur and was well worth the wait.  I had a fruit brioche made with coffee-infused pears and paired it with a hot chocolate.   The entire weekend, I was reminded why Paris is known for its cuisine, and this restaurant was no exception.  I could’ve sat there and ate all day but sadly, we had a train to catch back to Zurich.

Paris always delivers us a memorable experience, and this last trip before the baby was no exception.

Until next time, Paris….