The Böögg and Sechseläuten

It’s that time of year again – the time of the Böögg.  I cannot believe Tony and I have lived in Zurich long enough to experience 5 of these events.  In honor of this, I decided to repost our original experience from April 2013.  It is so fun for me to look back and reread our original impressions – hope you enjoy!


Böögg in 2017


The Böögg.  Depending on how you say it could sound you like are trying to say “boogar” but get stopped mid-way.

The Böögg is part of the annual Sechseläuten festival, which occurs on the 3rd Monday of every April.  More details but can found here on Wikipedia, but high level, there is a parade and it’s a way for all of the different guilds of Zurich to represent, kind of like when I was in junior high and we all had different Starter team jackets – I had the Carolina Panthers because I was clearly a fan at 13.

The burning of the snowman, or Böögg, represents the burning and end of winter.  This huge pile of hay is lit on fire and the snowman sits up at the top waiting, just like a witch during the Salem witch trials.  Rumor has it, the longer it takes for the snowman’s head to pop, the longer winter will be, but if you listen to some of the other rumors, it means a long and mild summer – you pick, I prefer the latter.  (You can see some better pics here or here, I promise I was closer than my camera makes it seem.)



Well, my understanding was that people expected the fire to reach the snowman and his head to blow after 10 minutes.  Yesterday, it took about 35.  Yikes.  I guess that means we are in for an icky summer – I sure hope not!

When we first arrived we were expecting a horrible crowd but it was actually very manageable.  Coupled with the standard politeness, Tony and I laughed and thought about all of those horrible trips to the Taste of Chicago.  But the crowd kept getting worse and worse the longer the fire burned.  As we stood there waiting for the explosion, we got pushed more and more and more….so I guess there ARE rude people in Zurich.  They only come out for Sechseläuten apparently.

The snowman still burned painfully slow…and there were little pops that teased the crowd as the fire climbed higher and higher.  Even after his whole body was scorched, his head was still in tact.  But after he finally blew, quite the cheer arose!  Especially from me, I was tired of the elbows in my back.



From there, we and a million other people started towards the bars.  There was a small alley section that had a DJ and beers and everyone was standing outside, having a good time, dancing and drinking.  I even cheated on my vegetarian diet and had a sausage – I know, horror of horrors.  But let me tell you, that thing tasted better than Giordanos pizza.

The fire continued to burn throughout the night and people crowded around with their beers and sausages to welcome the coming of summer.  And that was the end of my first Sechseläuten and Böögg.  We will see how it goes next year – if the weather was anything like yesterday, it will be just as fantastic.


Living in a Snow Globe

This is the 4th winter Tony and I have lived through in Switzerland.  It is also the first one where we have really gotten to experience snow.  It truly feels like we are living in a snow globe.

Over the last couple of weeks, snow has descended upon Zurich, dusting the city and transforming it into a gorgeous, frozen landscape.  I always found a fresh snow in Chicago to be so whimsical, but there is nothing compared to how it looks in Switzerland.

Clark loves romping in it, so today I captured some photos from right outside of my own apartment.  With the snow coming down gently, I really did feel like I was living inside a snow globe.  Everywhere I turned was white fluff.

Clark enjoyed himself too.  🙂

Happy Winter!

My Swiss Pregnancy

After visiting my sister and her newborn son earlier this year, I will admit, the baby bug bit me.  It wasn’t a super strong bite, but more of a “let’s see what happens” kind of bite.  Who knew that just a couple months after returning to Zurich, I would end up carrying a little bun of my own.

Pregnancy in Switzerland has already been an adventure, and the baby isn’t even here yet.  As I imagine is the case with pregnancy everywhere, there are good things and bad things to be experienced, and I have laid them out here in humorous form for your entertainment.  Being an expat, I didn’t think there was anything more that could surprise me.  Clearly I was wrong.


The Bad

  • Pregnancy tests are ridiculously expensive – it’s just a plastic stick you pee on
  • No more alcohol
  • My doctor’s lack of reaction to anything
  • Shopping in Switzerland is so expensive – diapers, baby clothes, etc.
  • The day care (kinderkrippe) costs as much per month as our rent


The Good

  • I am eating whatever I want and the baby has a strong preference for cheese and chocolate – I guess I chose the right country to live in
  • Discovering new delicious and non-alcoholic Swiss drinks like mountain herb tea
  • The incredible and extremely thorough health care system – and my doctor speaks perfect English
  • Zurich has a huge expat community that is constantly selling gently used goods – we now have a crib, high chair and pack-n-play which cost almost nothing!
  • The kinderkrippe will teach our child German from a young age and is extremely clean  – plus it’s super close to our home, making it very convenient to get to


The Hilarious

  • Hovering over the pregnancy test box using Google translate to understand what two lines meant (clearly it meant ‘pregnant’)
  • My doctor’s constant accusations that I am “putting something on my stomach” that is interfering with her ultrasound photos – I am not putting anything on my stomach
  • This is a first-born child starting out in the world with nothing but hand-me-downs and it makes me feel incredibly successful
  • We had to apply to the kinderkrippe in July 2016 to secure a spot for July 2017, and had to leave an entire page blank that asked things like name, gender, birthdate, etc.


I am sure there will be more fun things to discover, but until then, I will just keep baking this little bun. 🙂