Summertime Lip Color

Summer has officially arrived in Zurich and it is HOT!  But with the summer heat also comes fun summer fashion.  Because I am still trying to get back my pre-baby body, I am focusing my summer fashion on lip color rather than clothing.

Thank goodness for my brother’s girlfriend, Amy!  She helps keep me up-to-date on the latest and greatest.  She first introduced me to Colourpop and now to Kylie Cosmetics.  While I am not a Kardashian fan, I am a fan of a bright lip that stays all day.  Kylie delivers.

Specifically, I am loving, or I should say, am “in love” with, the In Love with KoKo line.  The order includes 3 matte colors and 1 gloss.

lip color

Ever since I have received the order, I have been wearing these lip colors.  Right now I am gravitating most towards “Doll*” and “Baby Girl*”.

*I feel weird typing those names, they are so silly

Doll goes especially well with a lot of my outfits, as I wear bright colors like orange quite often.   Either way, I love how they look and feel, and I always feel prettier after I’ve put them on.

lip color

Wearing Baby Girl


lip color

Wearing Doll


If these colors don’t suit you, Kylie Cosmetics still has plenty of other options.  Wishing you a fun summer lip!

Züri Fäscht 2016

It still blows my mind that Tony and I have been in Zurich for over 3 years.  It seems like yesterday we arrived, and now, we just wrapped up our second Zuri Fascht celebration.  I had written about this fest in 2013 the first time we experienced it, and it was actually a lot more fun in 2016.

Last Zuri Fest, Tony and I were coming back from a trip to Abu Dhabi – our first to the Middle East – so we were pretty exhausted.  This year, we had reserved the entire weekend to the festivities.

We also had some great friends, Nirali and John, join us, and that greatly added to the fun and excitement of the experience.  We really enjoyed having them and it was fun to be able to show case the great city of Zurich.  In 2013, we were still feeling our way around, and now we feel like experts, locals.


On Saturday, we girls had a couple hours to wander around on our own, and we walked past this awesome pirate bar.  The bar was a full ship, with a pirate at the top of the sail keeping watch on the “sea”.  Nirali and I stared at this pirate because we couldn’t tell if it was real or a wax statue.  It was so life like!  We crept closer, and closer, our eyes on the pirate, and then he moved!  We jumped so high and screamed, everyone looking at us, and the pirate started laughing at us!  It was startling but hysterical at the same time.



The fireworks each evening were also spectacular – where we live now, vs. back in 2013, our 2 minute walk to the lake allowed us an incredible view.  It was gorgeous, the fireworks coupled with their reflection off the water.


As last time, the fest stretched across most of the downtown area, and along both sides of the lake.  We walked for miles and miles and ate and drank our way through.  One of our favorite areas was near the Gross Munster cathedral – a DJ was blasting great dance music, and on Sunday we bounced to the beat with the sun on our shoulders.



We were extremely bummed on Sunday night when it was time to call it.  We could’ve stayed at the fest for hours – there was so much to see and eat, and it was one of the best ways to experience the beautiful city of Zurich.  A weekend is far too short for this incredible fest.  Maybe we can convince the Swiss to extend it for a week in 2019……

Until then, Happy Summer!


What the Missus Wore: Bern, Switzerland

With our weekend trip to Bern, Tony and I were looking forward to a relaxing and sunny visit.  We knew we would be doing a walking tour and that the city was hilly so we had to dress comfortable.  During my most recent visit to Chicago I stumbled upon a gold mine – Marshall’s and their incredible maxi dresses.  I spent $35 on two – one that was black and white striped and one that was all black with a t-strap in the back.  Both feel like pajamas and both are so perfect for a lazy Swiss weekend.

I paired my new black dress with my most comfortable leather sandals from Lanapo.  These sandals are handmade Italian leather and I picked them up when in Cinque Terre last summer.  I love them and they were my perfect added pop of color.

Black Maxi Dress


Black Maxi Dress


Black Maxi Dress

What the Missus Wore:  Maxi dress from Marshalls (similar here from Asos)//Portovenere sandals from Lanapo//sunglasses from H&M

As you can see, Clark’s a bit camera shy….

Happy summer traveling’!