They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Yellow.  It’s a great color and one of my favorites.  It is also perfect for summer, and even better for a confidence boost.  Since I am still trying to shed some baby weight, I purchased a few items that I am very excited about it.  Nowadays, yellow can be found quite frequently in my closet, and today’s outfit is no exception.

Tara Jarmon is a brand I return to often.  The clothing is unique yet classic, often colorful, and well made.  It also fits me well, both pre- and post-baby.  Luckily there is a store in downtown Zurich, and it is there that I found the most perfect yellow skirt.

This skirt is incredible for so many reasons.  It is lightweight and bright, is comfortable and moves beautifully. Plus it washes like a dream!  I am still in awe that I can wash it at home rather than have it dry cleaned.  Being self-conscious about my post-baby figure, it also cinches in my waist right where I need it.  So rather than feeling like I’m being stuffed into a sausage casing, my curves are highlighted in an attractive and classy way.

Taking it a step further, I love to mix my colors.  I always found that orange and yellow mesh well together, and my orange purse was the perfect complement to this outfit.






What the Missus Wore:  Skirt by Tara Jarmon//Shoes from Anthropologie//Luggage Bag by Celine//Scarf from Maison Martin Morel//Shirt from H&M

More yellow to come soon!  Happy Summer!

What the Missus Wore: Wrapping Up #StyleMeMarch

As we move into April, I am sad to share that I fell off the #StyleMeMarch wagon.  I got really into it in the beginning but a week working offsite knocked me off my schedule and I couldn’t get back on track.

However, there were a few more days of fun that I partook in which are included here.

March 13th – So “My” City

This one was fun for me – I tried to mix a little bit of Zurich and little bit of Chicago.  I think I accomplished this by pairing a Chicago Blackhawks tee-shirt with my Tara Jarmon skirt and Euro-looking black booties.  I even got away with the tee in my office, which was amazing.

IMG_4230 IMG_4232

Swiss Missus is wearing:  Skirt by Tara Jarmon (similar one here)//top from the United Center – Go Hawks!

March 16th – Saw On a Style Blog

After skipping days like “Pucker Up” (!?!?!) I moved along to March 16th. I was very inspired by a Pinterest post involving a flannel shirt and flowy skirt.  You might recognize the black skirt from the picture above but oh well – it’s all about reusing what you already own, am I right?

Anyway, I really liked this look because I appreciated the combination of the hard flannel (by hard I mean Nirvana circa 1992) and the soft, feminine skirt.

IMG_4295 IMG_4326 IMG_4298

Swiss Missus is wearing:  Flannel top from Old Navy//Skirt by Tara Jarmon (similar one here)//similar booties by Seychelles here

And that wraps up my Style Me March!  Look for a few posts from Style Me April soon and Happy Spring!



What the Missus Wore: Style Me March, 1 – 3

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me recently hashtagging #stylememarch.


This was something that was floating around the posts of the fashion bloggers I follow and I was instantly intrigued.  I thought it was a cute and fun way to force you to be creative with your clothing, and I have loved seeing how everyone else doing this challenge has interpreted it.

I didn’t participate in every day.  In some instances I couldn’t make the outfit work for my office job or find that I am just not that handy with a make-up brush.  I also haven’t blogged about”what the missus wore” in awhile and figured a recap of some of the earlier “style me March” outfits was a good place to pick up from.

March 1st – My Favorite Color

Of all the looks thus far, I think this one remains my favorite.  My most favorite colors that I was trying to express are red-orange and mustard yellow.  Very specific, I know.  Plus I never get a chance to wear this awesome hat!

IMG_3964 IMG_3956 IMG_3952

Swiss Missus is wearing:  Shirt from Anthropologie (similar from Mod Cloth)// Coat from Tara Jarmon (similar one at Asos)//skirt from Tara Jarmon (similar from Mod Cloth)// Fedora hat from Boden// scarf from Mod Cloth

March 2nd – Perfectly Parisian

This one I had to nail given my very well-known love of Paris.  I tried to incorporate the more casual, an avoided stripes at all costs because as I had guessed, that was every one else’s interpretation of Parisian.

IMG_3973 IMG_3974

Swiss Missus is wearing:  T-shirt from J Crew// Coat from Tara Jarmon (similar one at Asos)// scarf from Forever21 (similar one from Mod Cloth)// shoes by Seychelles

March 3rd – Steal of a Deal

I knew instantly what my steal of a deal would be – my brand new blue leather bomber jacket that I picked up at a French sample sale for 100 euros.  Such a find!

IMG_3981 IMG_3985

Swiss Missus is wearing:  Dress from Express (similar one on ShopBop)// Bomber jacket by Chattawak (similar one on Mod Cloth)// scarf from Forever21// tights by Cynthia Rowley

More Style Me March to come soon!