They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Yellow.  It’s a great color and one of my favorites.  It is also perfect for summer, and even better for a confidence boost.  Since I am still trying to shed some baby weight, I purchased a few items that I am very excited about it.  Nowadays, yellow can be found quite frequently in my closet, and today’s outfit is no exception.

Tara Jarmon is a brand I return to often.  The clothing is unique yet classic, often colorful, and well made.  It also fits me well, both pre- and post-baby.  Luckily there is a store in downtown Zurich, and it is there that I found the most perfect yellow skirt.

This skirt is incredible for so many reasons.  It is lightweight and bright, is comfortable and moves beautifully. Plus it washes like a dream!  I am still in awe that I can wash it at home rather than have it dry cleaned.  Being self-conscious about my post-baby figure, it also cinches in my waist right where I need it.  So rather than feeling like I’m being stuffed into a sausage casing, my curves are highlighted in an attractive and classy way.

Taking it a step further, I love to mix my colors.  I always found that orange and yellow mesh well together, and my orange purse was the perfect complement to this outfit.






What the Missus Wore:  Skirt by Tara Jarmon//Shoes from Anthropologie//Luggage Bag by Celine//Scarf from Maison Martin Morel//Shirt from H&M

More yellow to come soon!  Happy Summer!

Poncho Mania

Ponchos. By now, any clothes-shopping female will have noticed the tidal wave, in your face-ness that are ponchos. They are everywhere and I am so happy because I have always been such a fan of this fashion accessory for many reasons.

What is even more exciting to me is that through the beauty of blogging, Instagram and Pinterest, I have seen many awesome ways to wear this trend.

I like this trend for a variety of reasons.

  1. A poncho or large scarf is my number one travel accessory, and given how often I travel, I now feel like an extremely trendy gal floating through the airport.
  2. They are comfortable, soft and easy; they go with anything, and they keep you warm when you are outside in the winter.
  3. You can re-purpose them many ways – outside your coat, wrapped up like a scarf, belted as a dress….the possibilities are endless.
  4. There are so many varieties at extremely affordable prices. I have yet to pay more than $20 for a poncho. What a steal!
Most recent purchase from Uniqlo Chicago

Most recent purchase from Uniqlo Chicago –


Get yourself on this bandwagon and help me extend this trend for as long as possible! I will be forever grateful.