What the Missus Wore: Zurich Open Air

As discussed in my previous blog post, Zurich Open Air was a fantastic time.  I was even more excited about what to wear, however, which may sound silly but let me explain.

Coachella has grown year after year in popularity, and it is a celebrity field day of fashion.  I love seeing what everyone wore because it is a combination of boho, 60s-hippy, laid-back hipster, and homeless person all in one.

I myself wanted to try and embody this without spending a lot of money.  The money part was key because one never knows how a festival will go – it will either be sunny and mild, or rainy and hectic.  Plus either way, you will have beer split on you by the end of the night.

I opted for the following:

Old Navy Hat2

Old Navy Hat1

Old Navy Hat

What the Missus Wore: Cotton skirt from ModCloth//crop tank from H&M//flats by Seychelles (similar here)//hat and faux jewelry tattoos from Old Navy

All in all?  I think it worked!  It was totally comfortable, great in the heat, protected my face from the sun, and was easy to clean afterwards.  What do you think? Tell me in the comments!

Until next time…


What the Missus Wore: Blustery Day

I should stop commenting on the weather as often as I do, however today was exceptionally interesting.  It started out raining cats and dogs and then floating in and out of rain showers and sunshine until this evening when the winds started howling like I was back in Chicago.

As such I needed to dress appropriately – this includes cozy sweaters, lovely hats and riding boots of course!  To add to the coziness, I added my black leggings.  Aside from the hat, I probably could’ve curled up and fell right to sleep.  Or curled up on my couch with a good book and hot chocolate.

IMG_7632 IMG_7637 IMG_7645


What the Missus Wore:  Waving Hello Sweater from ModCloth//hat from H&M//riding boots from Burberry//clutch from Brontibay

Hoping our blustery day doesn’t turn into a blustery night as well!



What the Missus Wore: Prague

With our recent trip to Prague, I was excited to show off some of the new clothes I had just received from Mod Cloth.  I  was thrilled when it arrived the day before we left.  However, Prague was tricky to pack for because when we left it was 70 and sunny and 4 days later the temperature had dropped down to 45 with cold rain.

Upon arrival, I was wearing my new Seychelles pumps, and didn’t even stop to change into more appropriate walking shoes because I wanted to see the city.

It probably would’ve been fine if there weren’t so many cobblestone streets, but regardless, I was totally in love with my new shoes and felt the people of Prague deserved a gander.  🙂

IMG_5018 IMG_5050 IMG_5066

Swiss Missus is wearing:  Shoes by Seychelles//Scarf from Mod Cloth//jeans by Paige Denim//coat from Pimkie (similar one here!)//top from JCrew

We managed to visit the Jewish part of the city and  the synagogues, but had to take cover as soon as the sky opened up with rain.

IMG_5149 IMG_5155

Swiss Missus is wearing:  Shoes by Bata//Top from Mod Cloth//jeans by Paige Denim//coat from Pimkie (similar one here!)//sunglasses from H&M

With the rain also came extremely cold temperatures.  It dropped about 20 degrees and I was thankful I had brought a heavier coat.  I was pleased with the colorful outfit I managed to pull together last minute given the temperature change for our dinner date in downtown Prague.

IMG_5228 IMG_5175

Swiss Missus is wearing:  Shoes by Seychelles//Scarf from Mod Cloth//skirt from H&M//coat from Tara Jarmon (similar)

Prague was worth the trip and I hope for my next visit I have some more time to better investigate Czech fashion.

Happy shopping!