A Blue Skirt on the Amalfi Coast

Traveling through the Amalfi Coast was absolutely incredible.  It provided the perfect back drop for some early summer time fashion.  A friend gave me an adorable and comfortable blue skirt and I found plenty of use for it on this most recent trip.

The skirt itself satisfies a variety of needs for me:

  1. Comfort
  2. Pop of color
  3. Flexible fit for my post pregnancy figure

When in Positano, I paired the skirt with a graphic tee I purchased at H&M.  When on our boat ride to Capri, I wore a simple white v-neck to match with the beautiful sea we were sailing on.  I really enjoyed how both outfits came out, but for future reference, I would not recommend heels in Positano!   😆

A Day in Positano

blue skirt

blue skirt

blue skirt

blue skirt

Sailing to Capri

blue skirt

The rocks hurt my feet!

blue skirt

blue skirt

What the Missus Wore:  Blue Skirt from Zalando//Marmont Matelasse mini bag by Gucci//Amber Sunglasses from Louis Vuitton//Graphic Tee from H&M//White V-Neck from H&M

These summer outfits make me ever more excited for the season to come!

After Christmas Stroll Through Zurich

The weather in Zurich over the holidays was lovely.  It was mild, sunny, and perfect for spending time outdoors.  This allowed Tony and I to properly introduce Zurich to his sister and her family.

The day after Christmas, the sun shone bright and we headed down to Old Town.  This is one of the cutest parts of Zurich.  It is full of ups and downs when strolling amongst the cobblestones and you can easily walk back and forth across the river.  Both Fraumunster and Grossmunster are in full view, and you can take in all of the adorably Swiss buildings.

One of the bridges, Rathausbruke, presents a perfect shot of Grossmunster in the background.  Tony’s sister took some bump photos of us.  They showcase both the beginning of our little family and the wonderful city we live.  Plus, Tony’s face is priceless.

Additionally, while the weather in Zurich has been mild compared to my home town, Chicago, it is still chilly.  It’s hard to dress this very pregnant body of mine, but I have been found some creative work arounds.  I often wear shorter mini-dresses as tops over jeans.  This allows me to cover my bump and my butt, and repurposes clothes I already own.

What the Mommy Wore:  Coat from Tara Jarmon//Maternity jeans from H&M//Scarf from ModCloth//Wake Booties from Seychelles//Favorite PM from Louis Vuitton

Veronica (Tony’s sister) and her 3 children got some great photos as well.  It was so nice to showcase Zurich.

After the photos, we continued our stroll through Old Town.  Most places were closed for the holidays, but there were a few restaurants open, and we grabbed some Italian appetizers and gluhwine.  We continued up to Central and made our way home via a train from the main station.

Christmas time in Zurich is such a treat, and ours this year was made even better by the presence of our wonderful family.  Merry Christmas!

What the Missus Wore: Autumn Brunch

Tony and I have been making a big effort to maximize our friend time.  It won’t be long before the baby arrives, and we want to take in as much as we can before we are all consumed.

As luck would have it, Zurich’s summer has extended well into late September, allowing for a few more gorgeous, sunny, jacket-less days.  It has been unlike any autumn we’ve experienced in Zurich.  We met our friends for brunch at The Artisan this weekend and sat outside, soaking in the sun.

When it comes to my mommy fashion, in an effort to save money, I am trying to wear as many of my existing clothes as possible.  As luck would have it, my 3/4 length skirts all have elastic waistbands.  I never realized how important the word “elastic” would become.  I paired my green skirt with a flowy white top and my favorite yellow “clown shoes” – Tony’s phrase, not mine.  It felt like the perfect combination of summer and autumn, all while not smashing my baby bump.  That is the key to comfort these days.






What the Missus/Mommy Wore:  Skirt from ModCloth//Shoes from Chie Mihara//Top from H&M//Louis Vuitton Favorite PM

Here’s hoping your summer is enjoying as much of a lovely stretch as mine!