Happy New Year and Sincerest Thanks, 2016!

Happy New Year, everyone!  2015 was a pretty spectacular year for Tony and I, and one I didn’t think we could top.  Well, 2016 proved me wrong.  It was full of amazing adventures, wonderful family and friends, success at work, and the greatest blessing of all – the creation of our first baby.

To welcome in the New Year, I am taking a look back on our magical 2016.  There are so many to thank for this incredible year.  I thank God and my husband.  I also thank my supportive and loving family and friends.  And of course, I thank my wonderful place of employment which brought us to Switzerland in the first place.


January kicked off with another visit to Dubai and India.  I try to visit colleagues in India once a year, and given the distance from Zurich, I usually spend 2 weeks traveling throughout this incredible country.  This trip was really special because my dear friends Pratiti, Sonale and Deepali showed me the true, local hot spots of both Mumbai and Chennai.  It was also my first time wearing a sari!

My first sari

Kingfisher at Leopold’s Cafe


Even though February is the shortest month, there were a lot of wonderful things I got to experience.  February took us to Nepal for the very first time.  What made this trip special was that Tony was able to tag along, and we were able to visit a local school.  I head up the Corporate Social Responsibility program at work, and we partner with an organization called Room to Read.  I was able to see their work in action and I was floored at what a strong impact they had made at just one school.  We watched first graders learn to read and write in Nepalese and you could see their little minds capturing and storing the information.


1st Grade Class

Another great thing about February, which happened while we were in Nepal, was the birth of my nephew Adrian!  We were so thrilled to welcome the first baby to the Scarpaci family, and I was back in Chicago only a couple weeks later to visit him in person.  I never knew I could fall in love with someone I had just met.

My handsome nephew

The final amazing thing about February was a promotion at work.  I made sure to take myself to Prada to celebrate.  🙂


In March, I went to Doha for work and Copenhagen for the Easter holiday with friends.  Both trips revolved around food which was absolutely fine with me!  Arabic food is some of my favorite in the world so I indulged in Doha, and Copenhagen is known for its high volume of Michelin star restaurants.  However, those few restaurants emptied out our pockets for the rest of the month.   Whoopsie.  😳



April took me back to Dubai for a 2 week work trip, and upon returning, my brother arrived in Zurich.  Getting back to my love of Arabic food, I went all out in Dubai, but I was ready to get out of the heat by the end of the two weeks.  Being in Zurich mid-Spring was super refreshing, and it was nice to spend some quality time with my brother.  I love it when he visits.

Brother and I


May slowed down travel wise, allowing Tony and I to enjoy the beautiful weather that was descending upon Zurich.  We tried bowling in Switzerland for the first time which was incredibly fun and felt very American.  We also found out the most amazing news of all – I was pregnant!


In June, Tony and I went to Budapest for a long weekend, and I visited London for work.  Budapest was my first trip knowing I was pregnant, and I found myself constantly Googling what I could and could not eat.  Who knew if this Swiss/American baby could handle Hungarian food?  Everything ended up being fine and it was a good first lesson in not stressing during pregnancy.


London was much more enjoyable than normal because my friend Sara met me there for the first half of the trip.  We hit up the great sales and trendy restaurants and enjoyed a couple days sans husbands (no offence to Tony).



During the month of July, I traveled to Spain for the first time.  I was in Mallorca for work for a few days, and it felt like Heaven.  The sun, water, and food (again, me with the food) were all so calm and relaxed.  The people were constantly happy, and the breeze was always available to cool you off.  I didn’t realize a place like this existed!

The end of the month was a treat too because I went back to Chicago to spend time with my family.  There were some very special events that occurred in July with family and friends.  My nephew had grown so much from February and I was very thankful to be able to attend his Christening.

I also attended a very special wedding.  My dear friend Francesca got married at the top of the city, with my dad as my super cool date.

My besties and I wrapped up my trip with our annual birthday dinner.  We’ve held onto this tradition for 17 years!  WOW!


August is always special to me because it is my birthday month AND my wedding month.  But this time, it was also the month of our most epic vacation ever.  We did an 11 day cruise in the Baltic Sea and saw so many wonderful new countries and cities.  It started in Copenhagen and took us through Germany, Estonia, Russia, Norway, and Sweden.  It was unlike anything we’d ever done before, and even with all of the cities we saw, sometimes my favorite part was just sitting on our balcony and watching the waves below me.

Our cruise ship


By September, I had wrapped up most of my work travel.  My baby bump was starting to show more and more as I was moving into my 3rd trimester.  Tony and I took a weekend trip to Barcelona, our first time in this city.  We really enjoyed the food and as I write this I realize that is probably the theme of my travel this year.  🙂  We were present during Catalan National Day and saw thousands of people out and about, celebrating their nationalism.


We took two small trips in October because by now, I was really showing and my mobility was becoming more and more limited.  We spent a weekend in Poland with Tony’s sister and her kids.  We really enjoyed spending quality family time and being back in Krakow.  It has one of the best central plazas or platz in Europe.


The end of the month we were in Catania, Sicily, for a last go at summer weather, and it was there we watched the Cubs win the pennant!  They were off to the World Series!


The only thing I can really say about November is CUUUUUUUBBBBBBSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!  On the morning of November 3rd, the Cubs won the World Series for the first time since 1908. Tony and I started watching game 7 at about 3am Zurich time and cried tears of joy when they made the final out against the Cleveland Indians.  The Cubs win cemented the fact that 2016 was officially the best.  Year.  Ever.

At the end of the month, we took our final baby-moon – a train trip to Paris to see my friend Sara again and celebrate an American style Thanksgiving.  Baby bump had to learn just how special this city was to us – the earlier it learns, the better.

Baby bump in Paris


And now, moving into December, typing this on the last day of 2016, I sit back and reflect once more on what an amazing and blessed year we’ve had.  We hosted Tony’s sister and her family for Christmas and it was so wonderful to be with our family during the holidays.

Merry Christmas

Within the next 3 weeks, we will meet our first baby which will be the most magical way to kick off 2017.  Like a kid on Christmas Eve, I excitedly await for what 2017 has in store.

Blessing and love to you and yours, and Happy New Year!

What the Missus Wore: The Chennai Beach

In Chennai, the weather is exceptionally warm, even in January.  Warm and humid, I should say, as much of it borders the ocean.

My friend Deepali and I took a drive along the beach to view a new hotel property, and I wore my most favorite, and tasteful, long pink dress.  Given most of my travels to date with this dress have been by myself, I was glad to finally have some full length photos.

We stopped at a coconut stand along the way for fresh juice and coconut “meat”, and continued on towards the beach, where the wind whipped at our hair and faces.  It was so gorgeous and peaceful – I could’ve stayed there all day.

Maje Dress





Maje Dress

What the Missus Wore:  Dress by Maje (dresses here)// sandals by Chie Mihara

If only summer was every day in Switzerland….

How To Stay Healthy When Traveling Through India

I have been traveling through India and Nepal for over 3 weeks.  So far I have encountered a mild case of tummy trouble and a cold, probably from the combination of traveling to many cities, different climates, and eating different foods.

I have come to rely on a few tricks, some I knew and some I have learned along the way.  These are not always 100% fool proof, but even with my mild ailments, I overall feel great and recommend these to anyone traveling through India.

(1) Water

The water situation in India is just like that in Mexico.   If you are not from India, your body is probably not used to the tap water.   Avoid drinking or brushing your teeth with tap water, but it is safe for washing your face, showering, cooking with, etc.  Most hotels have plenty of bottled water on hand for drinking and I use this to brush my teeth as well.

This includes ice – always request no ice in your beverage just to be on the safe side.

It is also important to stay hydrated because most cities you will travel to in India are hot, and if you do get a case of tummy trouble, you need to replenish your fluids.

(2) Food

Again, if you are not from India, it is better to be safe than sorry.  No one wants to fall ill when traveling.  When it comes to food, if it is cooked or is in a peel (think banana or orange), it is probably safe to eat.  That includes meat, vegetables, etc, and even most street food. Note that street food is often eaten with your fingers, so bring along antibacterial hand gel or wipes to sterilize your “utensils”.

If ever you are unsure about a food item, start slow to get a sense of how your stomach is reacting.  Where I have had issues in the past is just with things being too spicy for me.  Sometimes that alone upsets my stomach, regardless of where the food came from.

(3) Treatment

Should you encounter a case of tummy trouble, there are a couple things you can try.  Mint tea is often a great fix for an upset stomach, and water with fresh lemon helps cure nausea.  As a last resort, try immodium.  Depending on how severe your tummy trouble is, you may need to rest for a few days and per point #1, drink plenty of water.

Other ailments, like the common cold (which I picked up this time) are easily remedied by a bit of honey and turmeric.  This was the coolest trick I learned while traveling.  It not only tasted surprisingly good, but also quickly cured my cough.  The honey soothed my throat and the turmeric must have killed the germs.  Either way, it was an awesome, natural life saver.


(4) Don’t be afraid!

One of the best things about visiting India is trying all of the amazing food.  Don’t miss out on what this wonderful country has to offer your tastebuds.  Just be thoughtful and aware, and you will be fine.

Happy Eating!