I Dream of the Delicious Food in Paris

A few weeks ago, I was back in Paris for work. I absolutely adore being in my favorite city.  I didn’t get a chance to explore, but I still dreamed.  Dreamed of the restaurants and delicious Paris food I missed out on instead.  When I visited this past June, my friend Sara took me to some incredible new places that I highly recommend trying.

Clown Bar

Clown Bar is a popular restaurant right now, and Sara and I completely lucked out by getting an early reservation one night.  Talk about mom life.

In October of last year, the Eater.com called Clown Bar the “most thrilling restaurant in Paris”.  I have to say I absolutely agree with the sentiment, especially as it related to the circus themed decor and the style of the food.  As per usual in popular Paris restaurants, servings are small, but made to perfection.  They offered interesting combinations of flavors and delightful presentation.  To top it off, everyone that worked there was incredibly nice.

Me @ Clown Bar


Paperboy is right down the street from Sara’s apartment.  We had a quiet and beautiful brunch on our last Sunday together at this great restaurant.

Their items are simple but astonishing.  They provided a tray of 3 dips for our bread – homemade peanut butter, butter and caramel.  It was to die for.  I could’ve sat there eating the caramel all day, but I also had a delicious meal to enjoy. The best part was that it was so reasonably priced.  To date, I believe Paperboy offers one of the best brunches in all of Paris.

Inside Paperboy

Paris always has another amazing restaurant to offer, and I will continue to dream of (and drool for) the Paris food.  At least until the next time I visit….

Eating Our Way Through Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a great city, made even better by the amazing access to culinary delights and the introduction of “New Nordic” cuisine.  Tony and I had been to Copenhagen before, and so this trip was less about the “seeing” and more about the “eating”.  Unfortunately, as is often the case, this “eating” also results in spending waaaaayyyyy too much money on food, but c’est la vie.

We were there for 4 nights over the Easter holiday, and our first eatery was all about the meat.  The adventure began at Nose2Tail.


This restaurant is known for it’s meat and seafood, and prides itself on partnering with local farms.  They utilize all parts of the animal so nothing goes to waste.  This was evident via their pork crackles (pig skin) with a side of bacon mayo.

The main courses are light on options, and I went with the 200g tenderloin with bernaise sauce.  I couldn’t wait to eat, as I was still hungry after waking up at 4am to travel to Copenhagen.  Alas, all steaks were delivered, and all left plenty to be desired.  There were 7 of us total and all of us had luke warm steaks.  When we raised this with the waiter, the response was lackluster – the kitchen had already closed for the night.

We finished our food (the meat was still tasty even when cool) and hightailed it out of there.

Would I recommend?  As the Danes would say, “nej” (no).


Kokkeriet was my pick for the trip, and I booked our reservation months out just ensure we got space.  They have been awarded 1 Michelin Star, and we were ready for a unique, “New Nordic” meal.

"Rose" starter

“Rose” starter

The first thing I must share is that this restaurant is EXPENSIVE.  The small menu was 900 Danish Krone (132 CHF, 135 USD) and the large menu was 1200 Danish Krone (175 CHF, 180 USD).  There are many courses, but the food is small, light and artistic.  You don’t leave hungry, but for those prices, don’t expect to leave feeling stuffed either.



There were a few different pre-set menus to choose from, and each included “snacks” at the beginning.  Snacks = amuse bouche, and were quite interesting.  One included chicken skin (noticing a theme yet?) that was like gourmet Kentucky Fried Chicken.

As each dish came out, we throughly enjoyed ourselves, but before we knew it, we had been sitting at the table for 4 hours with 4 courses to go.  Our meal started at 20:30 and didn’t end until 01:30.  I was flabbergasted.

The staff was the most lovely I had experienced in awhile and the food was delicious – unlike anything I’d ever experienced.  But would I go back?  I think it depends on if your butt can stand sitting for 5.5 hours.

Would I recommend?  As the Danes would say, “måske” (maybe). 


Restaurant #3 was in a very cool neighborhood and had a really interesting vibe.  I didn’t see any females working there, and the waiters all wore blue denim button down shirts with leather aprons, like they were prepped to work in their own butcher shop.  Everything about this restaurant was meant to pay homage to the Danish island of Bornholm.  According to their website:

We focus on the island’s many small producers of specialty products of high quality. Bornholm has a unique climate, with many hours of sunshine and a fantastic nature.  The inspiration for the rooms comes from the distinctive round churches of Bornholm with their raw, whitewashed arches and vaults.

Fancy potato chip snacks

Fancy potato chip snacks

Koefoed’s menu had a pre-set option (and chicken skin and potato chip snacks), but they also had an a la carte menu that we ate from instead.  While this restaurant wasn’t nearly as expensive as Kokkeriet, it wasn’t cheap, and so I opted for one course (cod, mussels and carrots – yum yum!) and 2 of their craft made beers.

Would I recommend?  As the Danes would say, “ja” (yes). 


Last but not least was Geist, another Michelin Star restaurant.  Of all the restaurants, I thought this place had the coolest atmosphere.  It was hidden off the main street, dimly lit, and edgy without trying to be.  I liked that this place was cool in a subtle way – I even had a hard time confirming if they were Michelin Star.


This restaurant had a recommended pre-set menu that just came from the existing menu at the same price – so we opted for a la carte.  Rather than small plates, this restaurant offered medium plates, and really, really, excellent cocktails.  My husband and I shared 4 plates and loved each and every bite.  We ate the zucchini, white asparagus with lard, chicken wings and scallops, and suckling pig.

Easter cocktails

Easter cocktails

The restaurant could get pricy if you were really hungry and ordered lots of dishes, but I felt this was the most reasonably priced and delicious of the 4.  It also fit my personality the best.

Would I recommend?  As the Danes would say, “helvede ja” (hell yeah). 

If you are planning a visit to Copenhagen, be ready to spend money, but on delicious food and experiences.  Do your research so you make the most out of each meal.  And finally, enjoy!!  You can get back on your diet when you return.  🙂


Eating and Drinking My Way Through Mumbai

I am now onto the India leg of my journey, with the first stop being in Mumbai.  I arrived on Saturday, the 16th, and my good friend Pratiti was ready and waiting to show me the sights.

We found ourselves at the latest and greatest bar concept, The Bar Stock Exchange.  Upon Googling this outlet, it appears to have popped up in cities around the globe.  The concept is an interesting one, so it’s no surprise if it is taking the world by storm.  The prices of the alcohol changes depending on the supply and demand.  There are screens everywhere, a stock exchange ticker behind the bar, and even an app to keep you updated on the prices of drinks.  This was coupled with delicious Indian food and made for a really lively, local and fun experience my first night here.

Indian Pizza

Indian Pizza


We spent a few hours here, as it took about that long to get a table for dinner.  We then made our way to an all natural ice cream parlor to end the night on a sweet note.  It was called Natural Ice Cream of Juhu Scheme, opened since 1984.  Ice creams were made directly out of fruit (I had coconut) and some of their flavors varied depending on the seasonality of the fruits in the region.  There was a line out the door upon approaching, and it really was the perfect ending to a lively Saturday.

Naturals Ice Cream


Sunday found us traveling through South Mumbai, across the gorgeous sea link bridge.  We wandered through Colaba Causeway shopping, and then stopped for a beer at the Leopold Cafe.  I had only seen it from a distance up until this point, but being inside was a bit surreal.  I was still able to clearly see some of the bullet holes left from the 2008 terrorist attack.




Bullet hole can be seen in the yellow paper underneath the “Above Leopold Cafe” sign

It was such a delicious and fun visit, even though it was only for a few days.

Next stop, Pune!