Fashion in Vienna

As we did last year, we took a road trip to Poland for Easter.  On our way back, we stopped through Vienna to enjoy a relaxing evening.  Austria is incredible, and Vienna has so much to offer.  The weather was stunning, and we leisurely strolled up and down Bognergasse with the sunshine on our face.

Clark was a member of our entourage for this visit, and we took the opportunity to snap some fun fashion photos in front of the Hofburg Palace.  Given the gorgeous weather, it was obvious spring was on its way.  My Tara Jarmon coat fit in perfectly with this setting!

vienna fashion

vienna fashion

vienna fashion

vienna fashion

vienna fashion

What the Missus Wore: Coat from Tara Jarmon//Prada Galleria Bag//Seychelles Offstage Ankle Boot//Lady Danger Lipstick by Mac

I love this coat because it easily flows from one season to the next. It was also my first “post baby” fashion purchase, so it holds sentimental value.

Until next time, Vienna…

Greek Goddess Inspired Fashion

What do you picture when you think of a Greek Goddess? Do you see large, white statues made of marble? Or strong and serene women sitting amongst the clouds? I envision long flowing garments, caught in the wind.  It is with this in mind that I began packing for our most recent trip to Athens. I looked to the Greek goddesses themselves for inspiration.

When speaking of Athens, I still smile broadly. It was such an unexpected treasure and quickly shot to one of my top 5 most favorite destinations. When packing for Athens, we were able to leave our winter coats and clothes behind in favor of milder weather. In late November, Athens was warm enough to forgo boots and heavy coats, but cool enough to be comfortable walking around in all day.  The constant sunshine was an added bonus to this magnificent trip.

Getting back to Greek goddess inspired fashion, we walked the same steps as the goddesses were said to have walked. Putting myself in that mindset, I picture graceful movements up and down the steps of the Parthenon; long flowing garments that offer ease of movement and ripple with the wind.  The dress I had purchased for traveling through Saudi Arabia was perfect.  It flowed, it was comfortable and light-weight, and it felt very Grecian.

greek goddess

greek goddess

greek goddess

greek goddess

What the Missus Wore:  Dress from Modanisa//Shoes from Seychelles//Sunglasses from Louis Vuitton

While I wasn’t a goddess looking down upon the people of Greece, experiencing the Parthenon first hand sure felt special. The dress didn’t hurt, either. 🙂

Until next time…

What to Wear in Saudi Arabia

Before I share more about my trip to Saudi Arabia, I think it’s worth highlighting the clothing requirements.  What most people know about visiting places like Saudi Arabia is that women need to cover their head.  However, I am happy to share that it was more interesting than just that.

In advance of my trip, I scoured the internet for rules and regulations on women’s attire.  What should I wear?  Do I have to cover my head, and if so when and where?  Can my hair show at all?  Do I have to cover my face?  These were the questions running through my mind.  Unfortunately and to my great surprise, there was very little detail available.  Additionally, much of what I could find was contradictory.

My past travels have taught me that it is always better to be safe than sorry, so I opted to go for more coverage.  While my internet search wasn’t so great in terms of clothing rules, it was very helpful with online shopping options.  I found a great online store called Modanisa.  It is based out of Turkey and boasts extremely affordable options in proper clothing.  I ordered a variety of items for less than 100 Euros.  My order consisted of 3 long dresses, 2 abayas, 2 hijabs and 1 turban.

Throughout the ordering process, I came to learn the different terms and types of clothing items that were available.  I knew I needed to cover my head, shoulders and legs, but I had no idea how many options there actually were.  What I am listing below is based on how the Modanisa website characterized the items.

Abaya – this is the all-covering outer garment that I would wear over my other clothes when stepping outside.  It had a zipper running the entire length of garment, and I ordered 2 of these in black just to ensure I blended in as much as possible.

what to wear in saudi arabia


Hijab – this is the head covering that does not include covering the face or eyes (that is called a Niquab).  However, it does often include some sort of scarf-like appendage.  I purchased the “ready hijabs” from Modanisa, mostly because they were idiot proof.  These easily wrapped around my head and neck or tied directly under my chin like a bonnet.

what to wear in saudi arabia


Turban – this is a less restrictive head covering.  It does not include the scarf-like elements, so while my neck was exposed, my hair was still mostly covered.  I actually appreciated how comfortable, easy to use, and fashionable the turban looked.

what to wear in saudi arabia


Long Dresses – the dresses fully covered all necessary areas and easily fit underneath the abaya.  They were very comfortable as well!

Long Dress

Continuing on, my time in Saudi Arabia was relatively short.  I spent most of my visit inside the hotels and in fairness, what is acceptable within a hotel is different from what might be acceptable in public.  I was told to remove my hijab and abaya while inside, but I kept them on most of the time out of respect.

As much as I was fearful of the setting and the dress code, I ended up feeling exceptionally at ease in my surroundings.  What helped most was always being in the presence of other Saudi women.  They not only helped me blend in and answered my clothing questions, but they also became my very fast friends.

For any female traveling to Saudi Arabia, I recommend taking the safe approach.  Always wear more, knowing that these items can easily be removed or adjusted as needed.  Note that on those especially hot days, the abaya is your friend.  You can probably get away with shorts and a t-shirt underneath, with the public being none the wiser.

More on Saudi Arabia to follow soon!