After Christmas Stroll Through Zurich

The weather in Zurich over the holidays was lovely.  It was mild, sunny, and perfect for spending time outdoors.  This allowed Tony and I to properly introduce Zurich to his sister and her family.

The day after Christmas, the sun shone bright and we headed down to Old Town.  This is one of the cutest parts of Zurich.  It is full of ups and downs when strolling amongst the cobblestones and you can easily walk back and forth across the river.  Both Fraumunster and Grossmunster are in full view, and you can take in all of the adorably Swiss buildings.

One of the bridges, Rathausbruke, presents a perfect shot of Grossmunster in the background.  Tony’s sister took some bump photos of us.  They showcase both the beginning of our little family and the wonderful city we live.  Plus, Tony’s face is priceless.

Additionally, while the weather in Zurich has been mild compared to my home town, Chicago, it is still chilly.  It’s hard to dress this very pregnant body of mine, but I have been found some creative work arounds.  I often wear shorter mini-dresses as tops over jeans.  This allows me to cover my bump and my butt, and repurposes clothes I already own.

What the Mommy Wore:  Coat from Tara Jarmon//Maternity jeans from H&M//Scarf from ModCloth//Wake Booties from Seychelles//Favorite PM from Louis Vuitton

Veronica (Tony’s sister) and her 3 children got some great photos as well.  It was so nice to showcase Zurich.

After the photos, we continued our stroll through Old Town.  Most places were closed for the holidays, but there were a few restaurants open, and we grabbed some Italian appetizers and gluhwine.  We continued up to Central and made our way home via a train from the main station.

Christmas time in Zurich is such a treat, and ours this year was made even better by the presence of our wonderful family.  Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Switzerland!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I type this as I anxiously wait for Tony’s Christmas taco dinner to be ready.  We are celebrating the holiday this year by hosting  my sister-in-law and her family and I couldn’t be happier.  Tony’s sister moved back to Poland last year, and they have driven to come see us.  I am so excited to spend time with family and finally introduce them to our home in Zurich.

In preparation for their visit, we decorated our home.  We have a Christmas tree for the first time since living in Switzerland.   That alone really helps with any homesickness from not being able to fly back to Chicago.

Many of these ornaments I brought back from the USA, but we also picked up a few during our travels.

I also brought back a variety of items from Marshall’s when in the USA last December – they have some of the cutest items for so cheap!  I had to take advantage.

Once Veronica and her family arrived, we of course had to head over to the Bellevue Christmas Market.  It was the last day of the market, and I wanted the kids to see the ice skating rink, and try some of that delicious raclette and gluhwein.  We also indulged in churros and leisurely walked through the crowds enjoying our sugary treat.

Today, Christmas Eve, we slept in.  My husband, sister-in-law and I stayed up late catching up by the Christmas Tree.  Tony prepared hearty pancakes for the kiddos and after getting ready, we took the train to the HB.  My nephew, Evyn, LOVES trains and trams and busses, so he was thrilled to finally get to ride on a real Swiss train.  We walked from the platform to the big market in the HB, immediately hit by those familiar, delicious smells like at the Bellevue market the evening before.

And now we are back in our apartment, ready to feast on Tony’s Christmas tacos.  Wishing you and yours the most wonderful and blessed Christmas and looking forward to introducing you to our baby in the New Year!


Three Kings Day

January 6 is officially 3 Kings Day.  Also called “Epiphany”, Christians celebrate this as the day Baby Jesus was first visited by others, and proof of his existence as the Son of God on Earth.  Having attended Catholic grade school from the ages of 4 – 13, I have personally sung “We 3 Kings” in many a Christmas pageant, and whenever I hear that song, I think of the claymation Christmas special with 3 camels singing R&B.  Relive the magic….

The story goes that the 3 kings followed the North Star to the manger, bearing gifts of murr, gold, and frankincense.  They as powerful kings themselves, were celebrating Jesus as the King of Heaven.

Three Kings Day is not really something I had heard of celebrating until we moved to Switzerland.  On this day, special cakes, called Dreikönigskuchenare baked and eaten with a small king inside.  Whomever “finds the king” (and survives, i.e. doesn’t choke on it) gets to wear the crown for the day.

Sadly, I lost this year.  No king for me.  But it’s fun none the less and I look forward to next year so I can try to win the crown again by gently biting into my delicious cake.

Happy January!