What the Missus Wore: The Chennai Beach

In Chennai, the weather is exceptionally warm, even in January.  Warm and humid, I should say, as much of it borders the ocean.

My friend Deepali and I took a drive along the beach to view a new hotel property, and I wore my most favorite, and tasteful, long pink dress.  Given most of my travels to date with this dress have been by myself, I was glad to finally have some full length photos.

We stopped at a coconut stand along the way for fresh juice and coconut “meat”, and continued on towards the beach, where the wind whipped at our hair and faces.  It was so gorgeous and peaceful – I could’ve stayed there all day.

Maje Dress





Maje Dress

What the Missus Wore:  Dress by Maje (dresses here)// sandals by Chie Mihara

If only summer was every day in Switzerland….

My First Saree

So I guess my first question is, does this count as my coolest #ootd (outfit of the day) ever?  I believe the answer is YES!

Saturday night, one of my colleagues was kind enough to take me to the gorgeous ITC Grand Chola hotel in Chennai for an authentic Indian dinner.  But nothing is more authentic than wearing a saree, and so my tale begins.

First things first, my friend picked out the most beautiful saree I could imagine.  Orange and red (my favorite colors), with forest green accents.  They arrived as a top with hooks and a long, long piece of fabric.  I pulled on the top, with the hooks facing the back and held it closed.  Half of my top body was falling out the bottom.  Guess this wasn’t going to work.

When my friend arrived to help me, she started laughing.  Apparently, it hooks in the front, at which point the top fit perfectly.  Then it was time to wrap the looooooooooong piece of fabric.   First I had to put on a black cotton slip, or underskirt.  This was tied tightly at my waist because much of the sari was tucked in based on how tall I was.  After the first half was wrapped around my bottom, the second half was folded further up my waist and chest, then lastly draped across my shoulder and pinned.


Could I recreate this?  Probably not.  Was I able to stand/walk in this?  Totally.  It was surprisingly fluid and felt very secure.  Was I able to sit in it?  Well, that’s where it got sticky.  My friend kept an eye on me in terms of “falling out”, but every time I moved I was worried I was pulling out the back of the saree and exposing the underskirt.   Luckily this did not happen, but I felt like it would.

Regardless, I loved my night on the town in a traditional saree dress.  I felt absolutely stunning and while I wished I blended right in, I think my awkward walk gave me away.






What do you think?


What the Missus Wore: India

I was excited when packing for my trip to India – I was able to pull out all of the summer clothes I had recently packed away.  I looked forward to rocking sandals and summer dresses in November.

What I hadn’t planned on was how I should’ve packed and dressed, and this blog will not only share what I wore, but will also highlight what you should pack if you are traveling in India.


Because I didn’t have my husband with me, the #ootd shots are a bit more limited than I would have liked.  However when exploring Delhi, I wore this collared, sleeveless dress from Cos.  It hits right above my knees and I coupled it with my Zara faux snakeskin loafers which you can’t see here.

What I learned?  Most women cover both their legs and their shoulders.  I had packed for the heat but had unintentionally ignored the cultural standards.  It made me stick out even more clearly as a tourist, garnering unwanted attention at some points of this city’s visit.



What the Missus Wore:  Dress from Cos//loafers from Zara//sunglasses from H&M//purse from Longchamp


I tried to be a bit wiser when in Calcutta – I covered my legs and brought a scarf with to try and cover my shoulders.  However, I wore my cute Seychelles sandals and while they looked great and were super comfortable, it was a pain to remove them every time I went into a temple.  Slip on shoes on your best bet when visiting India.

DSC_3872 picWhat the Missus Wore:  Dress from Modcloth//jewelry from Stella & Dot//scarf from Forever 21// sandals from Seychelles – on sale now at ModCloth!


Towards the middle and end of the trip, I was starting to run out of clean clothes, and I didn’t have enough to “cover up” for the temples in Chennai.  I wasn’t able to visit any of the actual gods themselves because of that, but was still able to view how incredible the temple itself was.

DSC_4730What the Missus wore:  Dress from Anthropologie//jewelry from Stella & Dot//purse from Longchamp

If I could do it again, I would have brought more maxi dresses and slip on shoes with me.  While I wasn’t exactly dressed inappropriately, I know I stood out more than I would have liked and there were elements of the temples I wasn’t able to see because of it.

Happy traveling!