They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Yellow.  It’s a great color and one of my favorites.  It is also perfect for summer, and even better for a confidence boost.  Since I am still trying to shed some baby weight, I purchased a few items that I am very excited about it.  Nowadays, yellow can be found quite frequently in my closet, and today’s outfit is no exception.

Tara Jarmon is a brand I return to often.  The clothing is unique yet classic, often colorful, and well made.  It also fits me well, both pre- and post-baby.  Luckily there is a store in downtown Zurich, and it is there that I found the most perfect yellow skirt.

This skirt is incredible for so many reasons.  It is lightweight and bright, is comfortable and moves beautifully. Plus it washes like a dream!  I am still in awe that I can wash it at home rather than have it dry cleaned.  Being self-conscious about my post-baby figure, it also cinches in my waist right where I need it.  So rather than feeling like I’m being stuffed into a sausage casing, my curves are highlighted in an attractive and classy way.

Taking it a step further, I love to mix my colors.  I always found that orange and yellow mesh well together, and my orange purse was the perfect complement to this outfit.






What the Missus Wore:  Skirt by Tara Jarmon//Shoes from Anthropologie//Luggage Bag by Celine//Scarf from Maison Martin Morel//Shirt from H&M

More yellow to come soon!  Happy Summer!

Treating Myself to Purses

When I graduated from college, one of the first things I did was buy a Coach purse.  It had been my dream, as a poor college student, to own a designer bag of some kind, and unfortunately, this triggered a nasty habit of buying way too many Coach purses that I later on sold on eBay for next to nothing. *Sigh*  Very frustrating indeed.  I don’t even remember the first one I bought, but I do remember the feeling – I felt special, important, like I had made it.

Coach is no longer my bag of choice, and thankfully I got wiser as I got older (and obtained a mortgage), so I do not go on purse buying binges like I did when I still lived with my parents.  However, the act of treating myself to a luxury item still produces the same feeling, and over the last 6 months or so, I have recreated this twice.  My best friend was convinced the binge had been kicked off again, but I reassured her that was not the case.  🙂

Purse #1 – a gorgeous luggage handbag from Celine.  In orange, made of leather, sturdy and beautiful as hell.  The reason?  Combination 5th wedding anniversary/33rd birthday present.  I love this bag and it is the most amazing pop of color, especially during the gray winter months.  Even though orange is a pretty outrageous color to choose, it actually fits with all seasons, so I never feel like it is out of style.

Celine Luggage Handbag

Purse #2 – my delicious little Prada Galleria Bag.  Pint-sized delight that smells like Italy and makes me feel Milano chic.  Purchased in Milan as an added bonus.  The reason? Combination of Italian citizenship/new promotion/new auntie.  I like to combine special occasions when I can.  🙂

This bag is such a treasure because it’s classic – items like these will never go out of style and can be passed on generation after generation.  It’s so fabulous, I have even been able to convince my husband of it’s investment value.

Prada Galleria Bag

Both of these bags make me feel so incredible – pride in hard work and accomplishments; remembrance of amazing days and celebrations.  The expense was worth the joy they bring.  Now I’m just waiting on the next reason to celebrate.  🙂

Adventures at Paris Fashion Week

I have to pause in between my tales of Sicily to share my weekend in Paris for Fashion Week.  It wasn’t as epic as for those that were involved, but it was still incredibly cool to be there.

I had work meetings on Thursday and Friday and my meetings on Friday afternoon were right in the heart of the action.  The women and men walking along the street and in and out of buildings looked like moving pieces of art.  And I guess that is what fashion essentially is – art.  I was mad at myself in retrospect for not being braver to whip out my phone and start snapping photos, but I was also trying to blend in – act like maybe I was supposed to be there too.  🙂

Friday night I had dinner with one of my best friend’s, Sara, and because all of Paris was sold out in terms of hotels for the events, I stayed with her.  After dinner, we tried heading to the very famous Raspoutine night club.  Sara and I found ourselves standing outside in a mingle with many gorgeous women.  The only reason I could tell they weren’t models is because they were my height.  But it didn’t take long before the models started flooding in – one tall, long-limbed beauty after another, waltzing right into the club.  It’s like the crowd of people opened up as though we were the red sea parting for Moses.


Me and the others that couldn’t get inside

And then the ultimate sighting – a celebrity.  Kanye West to be exact.  He walked right past me into the club, almost as if in slow motion, and paparazzi came out of nowhere, like fruit flies in your kitchen.  “Where the hell did you come from?” I found myself saying, out loud, when what I really should have been yelling was “Kanye!  Over here!  CHI-TOWN!  I’m from Chicago TOO!!”  Oh well.  Maybe next time….

And that was just Friday.

Saturday, Sara and I headed down to the Tuileries to try and spot fashion people and take our own set of fashion photos.  I of course couldn’t leave Zurich without my new Celine Bag as that was the only thing that made me look remotely plausible as a fashion person.

We had fun – sitting in the sun, watching bloggers have photographers take photo after photo of them to get the perfect shot – it was another world.


Fashion Week

My friend Sara kept making me laugh – anytime she saw anyone wearing “sensible” shoes she’d whisper “Editor.  That’s an editor.”  This wasn’t her first rodeo.


Sensible shoes

So what did I wear when scouting the scene?  Nothing too fancy, in reality, because I had limited space in my suitcase.  However…

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

What the Missus Wore:  Jeans by AG Jeans//booties from Seychelles// top from H&M//belt from Chattawak//bag from Celine

It was a start.  You can never go wrong with black on black, just ask Karl Lagerfeld.

The rest of my weekend was spent leisurely enjoying my favorite city.  As much as one might think all of Paris revolves around Fashion Week, it simply isn’t true.  Life outside was as fabulous as I had always known it – pain au chocolat, coffee outside in the sun, flirty French men, old ladies and their tiny dogs, and artists with their paint brushes.

With or without fashion week, one never knows what adventures Paris has in store…