Traveling with a Baby – The Supplies

For those of you that follow my blog regularly, you have seen what an avid traveler Matilda has become.  We have taken her all over Europe, and next week is her first visit to the United States.  It’s no surprise that good baby travel supplies are important to us!

Part of our travel success with her does stem from her chill nature.  Matilda is a very flexible baby and I thank God every day for this.  But there are also a variety of items we heavily rely on to help in our baby travel success. In today’s blog, I will list out our favorites.  I hope these prove helpful to those of you traveling with a little one.

Moby Wrap

My husband especially preferred the Moby Wrap when Matilda was smaller.  It is comfortable and soft, and very easy to clean and use.  He loved being able to wrap Matilda to his body during our walks throughout Milan.  It also made it easier for him to enjoy his espresso in one hand and Parma ham with the other.  😆

baby travel supplies

There is a baby in a Moby under that coat!

baby travel supples

Moby Wrap


Fuel Baby Bottle

The Fuel Baby bottles are a true gem.  I stopped pumping one month ago and am so thankful for these bottles.  The bottom compartment is for powdered formula and the top compartment for water.  I have been able to prep multiple bottles well in advance and quickly pull them out as soon as those hungry cries start.

With our recent Easter road trip to Poland, the bottles were ready like the shake of a Polaroid picture!  When flying to Naples, the bottles were prepped with the powder in advance, and after passing through security, filled with purchased bottled water.

Not only are these amazing for travel, but we also use them at night!  The bottle is ready to go on the nightstand and as soon as we hear Matilda cry, we shake shake shake and feed.

I can’t forget to mention they are dishwasher safe!  Phew!


Babyzen Yoyo Stroller

A good friend of mine introduced me to this stroller and I am IN LOVE!  This stroller is perfect for travel, especially plane travel.  It is extremely light (15 kg!) and folds up small enough to be a carry-on item.  It also opens up easily with one hand, so like the Moby wrap, you can use your other hand for something else….like holding your baby or if you’re my husband, eating Parma ham.

This stroller has already accompanied us to hilly and winding Sorrento, the rocky beaches of Capri, cobblestoned Vienna, and of course, throughout the streets of Zurich.  It’s a real winner!

baby travel supplies

BabyZen Yoyo in Capri


Medela Freestyle Pump

When I was still pumping, I found this to be the best for traveling.  It is small and compact, comes with its own carrying case, and also provides a traveling cooler.  It has a chargeable battery and was easy to clean.

On top of its travel convenience, it is comfortable.  I didn’t need creams and there was no pain, no matter how often I pumped.

baby travel supplies

These are some of my favorite baby travel items and I would love to hear yours.  Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

Happy Travels!

Putting Your Baby to Sleep

Putting your baby to sleep can be a very difficult task.  As a “Type A” mom, Matilda’s naps are especially important to me.  Her nap time is when I am able to get things done around the house.  In her 2 shorts months on Earth, I’ve found a few tricks that work through trial and error.  These work most of the time but never every time.  For example, my little miss is not sleeping right now, making it difficult to write this blog 🙄 .

These tricks include…

  1. Warm Milk – Matilda tends to get sleepiest after a full belly.  She also becomes very rubbery, making it easy to place her in her crib.  I try to throw in a fresh diaper either before or during feeding to prevent sleep interruptions due to a wet tushy.
  2. Swaddling – Matilda loves to be cuddled, and wrapping her up tight helps facilitate sleep.  She cozies up after her warm milk and closes her eyes sweetly.
  3. White Noise – White noise, especially at night, helps ease Matilda into a deep slumber.  The noise comes from the Sound Sleeper app.  Download it for free!  Her favorite right now is “hair dryer”.
  4. Rap Music – say WHAT!?!?

Yeah, point #4 needs a bit more explanation.  Matilda loooooves rap music.  During the day, after she has been fed and changed, I will put on some rap music and she dozes off.  I have heard that this could be due to the repetitive bass beats included in most rap songs.  Of course she has no idea what the lyrics mean (thank goodness), but it works.  Her preferred artists are Wiz Khalifa and Bone Thugs.  I laugh out loud just typing that!  😆

She clearly isn’t the only baby this music works for either…

What helps you when putting your baby to sleep?  I would be curious to learn of other ideas, so tell me in the comments!

And by the way, Diddy was able to put Matilda to sleep by the time I finished typing this blog.  🙂


How the Swiss Care for my Baby

Baby care – it is something all new parents worry about.  I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity to have given birth in Switzerland, and today’s blog is meant to explain why.

The Swiss have already managed to care for us and our baby in so many wonderful ways.  I will start with the hospital experience (which I still intend to detail out in another blog).  I was able to opt for a cesarean with no questions asked.  It ended up being the right decision because during the procedure it was discovered that my pelvis is too small for a natural delivery.  I was also kept at the hospital for 6 days, with nurses constantly available to help with Matilda and teach me how to care for her.  My final night in the hospital, Tony and I were given a “romantic” dinner, including wine and candlelight, while the nurses watched Matilda.  The nurses themselves were all exceptionally kind and spoke to Matilda in their native tongues.  My little girl was exposed to Italian, German, French and English all within her first week of life.

Once home, I was given access to multiple baby care options.  First, the midwife.  Once a week for the first 2 months, a midwife visited my home to help with my baby.  Together we kept track of Matilda’s weight and height, and I was able to ask any questions I had.  One such question was regarding red spots that had appeared within Matilda’s cute neck folds.  The Swiss are very big into natural remedies, and the midwife suggested camomile to calm the skin and calendula oil for moisture.  Matilda’s neck is now so much better and all without prescriptions.

Baby Natural Remedies

The second option is the Mütter und Väterberatung.  These are canton funded centers where parents can go without appointment.  It is a place to meet other parents and ask questions without needing to visit a doctor.  Babies can also be weighed and measured, and access to these centers is available until the baby is 5 years old.  I have not taken Matilda here yet, but just knowing they exist puts my mind at ease.  I love that I have the option to visit should anything concerning arise.

Mutter Vaterberatung

As far as doctors, the Swiss recommend and almost enforce having a pediatrician near your home.  When I called to make Matilda’s 1 month appointment, I was even asked what neighborhood I lived in to ensure I was close to the doctor’s office.  We have found an incredible doctor at the office of Dr. Sepp Holz.  As soon as we entered the office for the first time, I felt relief sweep over me.  The receptionists so obviously love their jobs of working with babies.  The doctors are wonderful as well.  Matilda is in the care of a doctor named Dr. Gerber and I immediately felt comfortable with his care. He is extremely gentle with her and happy to answer all of my neurotic new mommy questions.

With each visit, I have to bring Matilda’s baby book with.  This is where the doctor and midwife record all of Matilda’s important medical information.  Should Tony and I ever move back to the States, this book will prove very useful.

Baby Doctor Book

Matilda has already had her 1 month and 2 month check ups.  Vaccinations start at month 2 and continue up until she is 29 years old.  The below calendar is extremely helpful because I can clearly see what vaccines she is receiving and when.  I can also easily compare this to the United States if needed, and I have a document that details out everything she has already received.

I am still unclear at this point what vaccines are or are not mandatory.  I know this is a very polarizing topic, especially in the USA.  When searching, I found information stating that vaccines aren’t actually required in Switzerland, but I want to do all I can to protect Matilda.   This is especially true given how much we plan on traveling with her.

Baby Vaccine Calendar

The final way the Swiss care for my baby is in the documentation they provide.  We have received multiple mailings and documents with free information, booklets, pamphlets, etc.  These are meant to help inform new parents on Swiss child laws and also provide suggestions and ideas for parenting.  I could not believe how much proactive help and information has been provided to us, and I am so thankful for it all.  Raising Matilda thus far has been so smooth and simple – touch wood it continues! – and I know so much of that has to do with the Swiss care.

A big thank you to Zurich Stadt, Dr. Gerber, the nurses at Klinik Im Park, and our midwife for their kind help and care!